Korea visits you! Share and enjoy your Creative Korea.

Now we would like to invite you to Korea, with a heart full of gratitude to all fans of Korea. Share the Korea you like and win a free trip.

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#Hashtag Event

Post unforgettable images you have taken in Korea or images that show experience you wish to have in Korea with below #hashtags on your SNS and Win a free trip to Korea!

Event Period : Sept 27th 2016~Oct 31th 2016

How to participate&Prize Info

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Hi korea!
#Koreavisitsyou #Koreatrip #Koreafood #Koreastyle #Korealife
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Post Images for event

Post unforgettable images you have taken in Korea or images that show experience you wish to have in Korea with below #hashtags on your SNS.
If you have already uploaded, skip step1 and go to step2.

#Koreavisitsyou #Koreatrip #Koreafood #Koreastyle #Korealife

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Please fill in your personal information and URL of posting that you have uploaded on your SNS

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How to Join

Please register your personal information on campaign site and use hashtags that correspond with the type of SNS you will be using for participation when posting your image. Hashtag for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook participation #Koreavisitsyou #Koreatrip #Koreafood #Koreastyle #Korealife Hashtag for Weibo participatio #韩国旅行
  1. step 1Choose SNS

    Choose SNS you’d like to post on and log in.

  2. step 2Select Korea Images

    Opt.1: Select images you have taken in Korea. Opt.2: Select images that could show experience you wish to have in Korea

  3. step 3Post on SNS

    Upload selected images with #Hashtags and story that could best explain the image!

  4. step 4Register on site

    Leave URL of the content on your SNS on the campaign site.

How to copy URL from SNS

Your image can be displayed on #Hashtag gallery.
Participants who upload images with copyright problem will be excluded from the winners’ list.

Prize Info.

Five winners (one each week) = Flight Ticket(Two tickets per winner) + Hotel Voucher(3nights 4days) Total of five winners will be announced from Sep 27th to Oct 31st each week.
Win round trip tickets and hotel voucher (3nights 4days) to Korea.
Winners Info
Winners Info
Week Event Period Winner Announcement
Week 1 Sep 27th (Tue) ~ Oct 3rd (Mon) Oct 7th (Fri)
Week 2 Oct 4th (Tue) ~ Oct 10th (Mon) Oct 14th (Fri)
Week 3 Oct 11th (Tue) ~ Oct 17th (Mon) Oct 21th (Fri)
Week 4 Oct 18th (Tue) ~ Oct 24th (Mon) Oct 28th (Fri)
Week 5 Oct 25th (Tue) ~ Oct 31st (Mon) Oct 4th (Fri)
  • Winners will be announced in the website and will also be notified individually through their email.
  • Prizes will be provided after contacting and making an appointment privately.
  • Any participants who have problem of visiting to Korea will be automatically disqualified from participation.
  • Winners’ trip in Korea will be recorded on a daily basis to be created as a video content.
T&C details
Congratulations to our winners!